PANCHO VILLAS Last SADDLE SOLD For World Record Price!

Pancho Villas Last Saddle  sold at the High Noon Western Americana Auction on January 28th 2012 For $718,750 includiing the Buyers premium. The Saddle was purchased by Ernie Davis of Cotulla, TX and will be on display in the near future at a new museum being built on the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Pancho Villa Sadlle History.

It is unknown exactly when or how many years it took to construct this saddle. Our knowledge begins on the day that Pancho’s widow took it from her home and gave it to the famous film producer Howard Hawks. From there it had a colorful history of theft and mystery. We do know it has been the number one attraction in Museums for the last 20 years. 


Viva Villa - The Movie

The movie Viva Villa was filmed in Mexico in 1934.  It starred Wallace Beery as Pancho. It was made to show the good and bad sides of Pancho Villa. In reality it made him even more famous than he already was. Had the movie not been filmed there is no way of knowing where this beautiful work of art would be today. 


Poncho Villa Saddle Documents.

Over the years there have been numerous letters and correspondence involving the saddle. Most of it from the Howard Hawks estate to various experts from their time. Recent correspondence tells of how popular it has been in its recent life. 


Pancho Villa Saddle Pictures.

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